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At Ihsan School of Excellence, the middle school curricula incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards of New York State. In elementary school, we build foundations and by middle school we expand those foundations. Through English, Social Studies, Math, and Science our students learn to apply their learning skills across the different subject areas, helping them to investigate and understand the world around them.

The majority of writing, language, and speaking/listening assignments are completed in conjunction with their reading text. Our end goal is not only to pass a yearly test but to prepare students for their high school years and beyond; to aide them in becoming readers for enjoyment and knowledge.

Through fiction and non-fiction texts, our English Language Arts teachers will instruct students on reading closely and attentively. Novels selected from Engage (NYS Common Core Website) are used in the classrooms.

The English Language Arts (ELA) program is closely associated with our Social Studies (SS) program as students will apply the skills learned in English to their SS lessons. Our 7th and 8th grade SS teachers focus on developing students' abilities to question, read, analyze, interpret, and evaluate information, as well as having students communicate their ideas to others. The 7th and 8th grade Social Studies are a 2-year program. The first year will teach on topics spanning the roots of American History through the Era of Expansion. Topics in the second year will span the exploration of the New West through Present Times.

Our middle school Math program utilizes the Common Core curriculum to prepare students for the yearly NYS Test. Our publisher for Math books is Glencoe and Triumph Publishing for enrichment materials and Common Core Coach books. Alongside teaching the curriculum, we provide our students with review classes for eight weeks leading up to the exams. This review is not only for students who find Math challenging but to also encourage students to find fun in learning. The review aids students in the retention of information and promotes more time for students to master the content.

Preparation for the NYS 8th Grade Intermediate Science Test begins in 5th grade. Grades 5 and 6 are taught together; alternating each year between Life Science and Earth Science. In 7th grade, students continue their learning of Life Science. 8th grade covers Physical Science as well as student practice for the NYS Test. Students complete a Science Fair Project each year, following the Scientific Method and performing an experiment with measurable results. Science classes in Middle School are divided between direct instruction and hands-on learning through science activities and experiments.

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