Ihsan School administration is highly trained and dedicated to supporting the academics and development of Ihsan School students. Ihsan School certified and qualified teachers and support staff use proven methodologies and highly effective curriculum to help students grow academically, socially, and physically. We regularly participate in professional development in order to improve our skills and offer better learning experience for the students.


Dr. Ashraf Attia

Dr. Moustafa Abu ElFadl

Br. Nabil A. Rab

Br. Yehia Fakhr

Sr. Rubina Rahim


Dr. Abdelmadjid Mokhtari - School Principal

Br. Yehia Fakhr - Business Administrator
Sr. Sara Akbar - Business Administrator


Sr. Aneesa Waheed - Kindergarten Teacher, Pre K - ELA, Science, Social Studies

Sr. Priscilla Dhafir - Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Danielle During - 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Susan Siedsma - 4th & 5th Grade Teacher 

Mrs. Debbie Ireton - 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Bickelhaupt - 6th Grade Teacher

Mr. Timothy Bazan - 7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Sr. Atika Agouram - Arabic Teacher 6th - 9th Grade

Sr. Amal Ahmed - Arabic Teacher Kg - 6th Grade, Quran Teacher Kg  

Sr. Imane Quamer - Preschool Arabic & Islamic Studies Teacher

Br. Abdelelah Ahmad - Islamic Studies Teacher 2nd - 8th Grade

Sr. Sarah Malik - High School Program Coordinator & Teacher

Shaikh Yahia Afifiy - Quran Teacher 1st - 8th; Islamic Studies Kg- 1st Grade; Islamic Studies 9th Grade

Mrs. Patricia Black - School Nurse

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