1. Certified teachers.
  2. NYS Common Core curriculum.
  3. McMillian/McGraw-Hill, Pearson texts.
  4. Gym, playtime, group socialization.
  5. Islamic studies, public speaking.
  6. Nature, Science, Art field trips.
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The Ihsan School's 1st through 5th curricula has been constructed to reflect the New York State Common Core learning standards. Our goal is to increase student achievement through standards-based curricula, professional development, and educational support.

Grades 1st through 5th ELA, Math, and Social Studies use Macmillan/Mc-Graw-Hill textbooks, workbooks and individualized lessons which adhere to the New York State Common Core Standards. While for Science we use Pearson resources. After school tutoring, for ELA and Math concentrate on struggling students as well as students who need a challenge. Free NYS Test preparation is also offered to all the students in Grades 3-8 to help prepare them for the NYS Common Core testing in ELA and Math.Teachers create individualized lessons for students using specific strands of the Common Core Standards which target weak areas and create deeper understanding.

In addition to daily ELA and Math instruction, students attend Science and Social Studies classes three times each week. These classes offer our students the opportunity to explore our world through scientific experiments and hands on projects. Students use textbooks and workbooks to guide them through the lessons, then teachers lead students in first-hand exploration and inquiry. Science classes conduct experiments that involve all students in the classroom and Social Studies classes explore different cultures, communities and people from all around the world.

Running, playing, jumping and building teamwork are all important aspects of childhood. The students in elementary grades have recess every day and participate in physical education classes twice a week. Elementary students get to step out of the classroom and go on educational field trips two to three times a year. Our 5th graders have the unique opportunity to present prepared speeches to practice public speaking skills. Girls present a speech in the morning assembly on Friday and boys give the Friday khutba. Students get the opportunity to explore the arts, natural history, science museums and a theatrical play. These activities not only deepen and enhance classroom studies, they allow students to experience all of the wonderful things our community has to offer.

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